Preparing for College

Going to college, whether at a two-year or a four-year college, gives you more skills and a better chance to succeed.  College students have opportunities to grow personally, intellectually, and professionally, and college graduates make more money.

Maryland is fortunate to have 50+ colleges and universities from which to choose  -  colleges that offer every major from accounting to zoology.  In other words, whatever you want to study, you can find it right here at a Maryland college or university. 
Preparation is the key to ensuring your dream of going to college is realized. 

Below are additional resources for Maryland students attending a Maryland postsecondary institution and their parents:

Student Complaint Process



If you have a complaint about your student loan servicer and need information on what steps you can take to resolve your concerns you can contact the Maryland Student Loan Ombudsman at .  Student loan servicer problems that the Ombudsman can assist with include: failure by the servicer to communicate with a borrower, errors in crediting principal and interest payments, misapplied payments, inaccurate interest rate calculations, billing errors, loan consolidations or modifications errors, and/or inappropriate collection activity or tactics.