How to Apply for MHEC Approval for Changes or Modifications to an Approved Private Career School

Private career schools that are approved to operate in Maryland must seek and obtain prior MHEC approval before

  1. Offering a new program,
  2. Modifying an approved program,
  3. Changing locations or adding a separate classroom,
  4. Changing ownership, or
  5. Operating an "other business" on the premises of the school.

See instructions and applications below:

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Private Career School Policies and Regulations

Offering a New Program

Before completing an application for approval of a new program, view all PROGRAM ALERTS.

  • Application for Approval of a New Program PDF Word
  • Application for Approval of a New Program Offered in Part or Whole via Distance Education
​​Please contact your designated Career and Workforce Education Analyst for inquiries regarding offering new programs in Part or Whole via Distance Education.  
NOTE: Evidence is required to substantiate that a labor market demand exists in Maryland for proposed program(s) and that the proposed program(s) prepare students to meet this demand.


Modifying an Approved Program

  • Application for Approval of a Modification to an Approved Program PDF Word
  • Application for Approval of a Substantial Modification to an Approved Program PDF Word


Changing Locations

  • Application for Approval of a Change of Location PDF Word


Adding a Separate Classroom

  • Application for Approval of a Separate Classroom PDF Word


Changing Ownership

  • Application for Approval of a Change of Ownership of a Private Career School PDF Word


Operating an "Other Business" on School Premises

  • Application for Approval to Operate an "Other Business"  PDF Word


Personnel Changes


Financial Guarantee Forms

  • Performance Bond Form Word
  • Letter of Credit Form Word


School Document Checklists

  • Catalog Checklist PDF  Word​
  • Enrollment Agreement Checklist PDF  Word
  • Permanent Account Card Checklist PDF   Word
  • Permanent Student Transcript Checklist PDF   Word​


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