2021-2025 Maryland State Plan for Higher Education


Kickoff Meeting Materials

On Monday, April 20, 2020, the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) hosted a kickoff webinar for the 2021-2025 Maryland State Plan for Higher Education.  More than 140 stakeholders listened in to the webinar, and we invite all stakeholders to participate in the development and writing of the next iteration of the Maryland State Plan for Higher Education.  A copy of the webinar slides and a recording of the kickoff meeting can be found below.

Kickoff Meeting Slides

Kickoff Meeting Recording

Writing Group Meeting Dates

Information will be posted here as meeting dates are confirmed.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Maryland State Plan for Higher Education?

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), in consultation with the governing boards and agencies concerned with postsecondary education in Maryland, is required to develop and update every four years the State Plan for Higher Education, that shall identify:

1.    The present and future needs for postsecondary education and research throughout the State;

2.    The present and future capabilities of the different institutions and segments of postsecondary education in the State; and

3.    The long-range and short-range objectives and priorities for postsecondary education and methods and guidelines for achieving and maintaining them.

(Education Article §11–105)

We encourage you to review the current 2017-2021 Maryland State Plan for Higher Education, Student Success with Less Debt, at www.tinyurl.com/studentsuccesswithlessdebt. 


 What are the “writing workgroups”?

Three writing workgroups have been formed, each focused on one of the three existing goals: student access, student success, and innovation.

Each writing group will evaluate progress towards the current goal, while considering and recommending revisions to existing strategies in order to meet those goals for the next four years.  The writing groups will be expected to meet independently and present their final recommendations for the 2021-2025 Maryland State Plan for Higher Education to the Commission by Friday, September 18, 2020. 

Each writing group will be tasked to answer the following questions:

               1.      How do we currently address this goal?

              2.      What barriers or challenges, if any, currently exist in achieving this goal?

              3.      What is demonstrated and evidence-based best practices to achieve this goal?

              4.      What are innovative ideas to achieve this goal?

              5.      For each strategy provided for this goal in 2017-2021, identify if that strategy should remain, be removed, or revised.

              6.      What strategies, if any, should be added to this goal?

              7.      How can we measure the success of the recommendations?

How can I participate in a writing group?

Please complete this form (https://forms.gle/p1QoH3dDbvFBHVkF7) to join a writing group.  If you registered for the kickoff webinar, you are already on our distribution list.

I am unable to participate in a writing group.  How can I provide feedback?

Please use this form (https://forms.gle/hPGySqXxM95M3xmQA) to provide public comment regarding the current 2017-2021 Maryland State Plan for Higher Education.   The form will close at 5pm on Friday, September 18, 2020. ​

​What is the timeline to complete the 2021-2025 Maryland State Plan for Higher Education?​

Tentative Timeline:

April 20, 2020             Kickoff Webinar

August 14, 2020         Writing groups to submit final recommendations to MHEC

Summer & Fall, 2020  Internal drafting

Winter, 2020/2021      Draft available for public comment

Spring, 2021               Final drafting

July 1, 2021                Submission to the Governor and General Assembly

More information about the 2021-2025 Maryland State Plan for Higher Education will be posted here and updated regularly.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please contact Ms. Deborah Ing (Deborah.ing@maryland.gov) with questions.

This page was last updated on May 29, 2020.